Kitchen Soap

Kitchen Soap

    Specially designed to remove cooking smells from your hands! This natural kitchen soap from Handmade by the Sea, contains extra strong coffee and coffee grinds to wash away any smells in an instant. No more lingering onion, garlic or fish!

    £5.99 tax incl.

      Weight: Bars are hand made & weigh between 100-120g. 

      Hastings Soap Company soaps are made from the following ingredients:

      Main ingredients: olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and either shea butter or jojoba oil. Sometimes all of those are used.

      Fragrances: only fragrance oils and essential oils are used, sometimes a combination of the two. Those with only essential oils will say so. 

      Colour: Only natural colours are used - herbs, spices, leaves, roots, seaweed and minerals.

      To these botanicals and other oils are sometimes added. No nasties!

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